Terminal Weather Dashboard help

The impacts board is a time series display of weather conditions. The potential impacts are colored based on severity and can be broken down to view specific criteria.

Forecast Board

The forecast board starts with the earliest TAF at the station and provides data out to 36 hours, switching to LAMP forecasted data after the TAF data ends. There are two formats for the board, a condensed view and an expanded view.

Condensed View

The condensed view lists stations along the vertical axis and time along the horizontal axis. The first column is the latest METAR observation, if available. Each box following represent hourly forecasts from TAFs, and utilizes LAMP data after the TAF data to reach 36 hours. LAMP data is outlined with a magenta color. The impacts are color coded by severity with red representing a high potential impact, orange a moderate potential impact, yellow a slight potential impact, and the boxes are left blank if there is no expected impact for that time period. The letters in the box represent the cause of the hazard. If tempo data is present for a certain hour, the data is displayed in brackets with the same coloration.

  • CIG - ceiling
  • VIS - visibility
  • TS or WX - thunderstorms (when present) or weather (rain, freezing rain, fog)
  • WSpd - wind speed
  • WGst - wind Gust
There could be multiple hazards, but only the top one from this list is shown.

Expanded View

For more detailed information for a specific site, click on the station identifier on the left. The expanded view lists weather conditions along the vertical axis.

  • VIS - visibility in miles
  • CIG - cloud ceiling in 100s feet
  • FltCat - flight category: VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR
  • Wx - weather
  • WDir - wind direction
  • WSpd - wind speed in knots
  • WGst - wind gust speed in knots


The METAR board functions the same as the impacts board, but the user can look at past METAR observations. On the expanded view, additional parameters are included. The full board displays:

  • Temp - temperature in fahrenheit
  • Dewpt - dew point in fahrenheit
  • Altim - pressure (altimeter) in inches HG
  • VIS - visibility in miles
  • CIG - cloud ceiling in 100s feet
  • Cov - cloud cover: CLR, FEW, SCT, BKN, OVC
  • FltCat - flight category: VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR
  • Wx - weather
  • WDir - wind direction
  • WSpd - wind speed in knots
  • WGst - wind gust speed in knots
To view observation impacts, view the Metar Board.

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Where is the METAR page?

You can view the METAR data by using the Products dropdown and selecting METAR data. The interactive Graphical Forecasts for Aviation map also displays METARs, under the observations tab. To view METARs alone, click on the Layers button at the top left corner of the map and deselect items you do not wish to view. You can view decoded METARs by checking the "decoded box in the Map Options under the gear icon on GFA. Here is a link to the observations tab: GFA Observations tab.

How do I submit PIREPs?

Sign up for an account on our registration page, or using the Contact Us dialog under the envelope at the top right corner of the screen. Select "PIREP Access" as the category, and be sure to include your airmen’s certificate number or affiliation with an airline, flight school, government or military organization for validation purposes to streamline the process. Accounts are validated via the FAA Airmen Inquiry.

Once you have an account and are logged in, select "Submit a PIREP" from the Tools dropdown and fill out the form. For more information on PIREP submit, use the link at the bottom, or click here.

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How do I access the Flight Path Tool?

The flight path tool is now embedded into the interactive Graphical Forecasts for Aviation map. Click on the route button along theright side of the map to open the display. Enter the airports to navigate, and select the product you wish to display from the dropdown. Watch a video on how to use the cross sections here.

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